8.12.2020, Blog

Years and cards

Every end of year for the last couple of years I made prints. Small format, handmade linoleum prints. They look back in saying thank you and forward as in let’s have a good time together. As people and in that timespace. They set the tone.

Two or three years ago, one quote was like a treasure to me. Taken from J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter and the half-blood prince, it stood as a great and encouraging metaphor for what we were doing. Taking a step into the unknown, the unmapped, but not alone for all it takes. There is an us in there. The night being adventure, insecurity and protection at once. I shared this with some.

Let us step into the night [and pursue this flighty temptress, adventure].

Now, for a while, we are not stepping into the night anymore. We are in the middle of the night, out there for good. There is no way, as we explore the right now. But there is still a we, more than ever. It’s a time for gangs and it’s time to be human. Austin Coppock puts it that way and it stuck with me:

When you move with intent, the party forms.

I am not going to say a lot about this year. We have all been here. Maybe just that Bernhard Eder (music) and I (artwork) did his album in 2019. „Reset“ was ahead of time.

I never posted the 2020 card until now. Here it is. I don’t expect less trouble for next year. I am not afraid, either. I will welcome it like the years before. My sight will expand further, and the fog will lift eventually. We are moving along, making exceptional bonds in weird, exceptional times.