29.11.2015, Lettering

Puls4 TV feature on lettering: Elvira working, writing and talking

So, this happened: This is me writing and talking about lettering on Puls4, in a feature for their morning show „Café Puls“ – I feel honoured and proud and Christina Putz and Johanna Schwarz were the sweetest team I could wish for. Thanks Joseph Brot for the location, the new shop in 1190 Vienna.

Elvira schreibt die Tafel von Joseph Brot

Elvira konzentriert beim Handschreiben

A part of the filming was done at my office – which is my home, so you get tiny glimpses of how I live and work. And how I look and sound, of course. This is a bit weird for me to watch but I made a great effort to have my nails all pretty and polished and black. I was close to come too late because of that.

Puls4 bei Elvira zuhause

Der aufregendste Teil: das Interview!

Making-of des Fernsehbeitrags

Die supernetten Redakteurinnen von Café Puls