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Mistress is back to things


Right now, work is more about meetings and decisions than doing the work. After a few days at home, Mistress is back to her regular Wing Chun training. The kindest people and so much motivation ♥

Again, looking for a routine for the weeks to come.

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When Mistress does not sleep at night


These days, when Mistress can’t fall asleep, she wishes that something real would happen. (Can someone please take away my phone and hold me tightly till I sleep?)

You can listen to Lost Name’s «Forward», too. It’s been on my mind all day. —via Melodica Festival Vienna
There’s one step left / then I will break / just one step forward / just one mistake

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mistress and a small bicycle makeover


Saturday morning: Mistress is listening to the Shirley Bassey record she got from her dad and gives her everyday bike a little makeover.

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mistress on this friday morning


Mistress needs something to make her look and feel strong and beautiful.

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Mistress goes for a walk


It is night again. Mistress goes for a walk, fighting the headache left from new years eve. She spent it with kind, lovely & cool people in Vienna.

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Mistress takes the train


The sun came out, for the first time in days. Mistress is on her way to Linz, but wants to stay on that train and keep traveling.

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Mistress war im Schwimmbad


Mistress liebt das Stolze und Erhabene des Wiener kommunalen Wohnbaus. Noch schöner: Schwimmbäder. Nun mit dem Geruch von Chlor auf der Haut wieder zuhause, irgendwie überdreht, eigentlich eh müde, aber noch nicht bereit zu schlafen.

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Mistress loves the darker days

Mistress discovers the joy of getting lost in drawing and making designs again. No timer, just playlists as companion. It’s been awhile she hadn’t had this.

Loving the darker days.

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Mistress stays home


Neither Mistress, nor her to do list planned to spend the weekend at home with a cold. / Mistress’ halloween outfit

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Mistress entspannt (und eine erdachte Badewanne)

Mistress erfundene Badewanne

Hätte Mistress eine Badewanne, heute wäre der Tag dafür.

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Herbst, Scherben und ein neuer Haarschnitt

Eine wunderschöne 50er Jahre Kaffeetasse geht kaputt … hmm.

Mistress kämpft gegen die Schwerkraft und verliert.
(Die neuen Haare gibt es hier.)

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Mistress wird nass. / Ferienende.

Mistress ist im Regen radgefahren

Vom #freejosef vegan bake sale mit dem Schönwetter-Fahrrad durch den Regen nach Hause. Mistress sieht nie vorher nach dem Wetterbericht. Morgen: Wieder richtig ins Büro.

Mistress trägt: Pulli Libertine-Libertine (danke We Bandits Super Sale), Rock ModCloth, Schuhe Vagabond