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mistress on this friday morning


Mistress needs something to make her look and feel strong and beautiful.

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Mistress goes for a walk


It is night again. Mistress goes for a walk, fighting the headache left from new years eve. She spent it with kind, lovely & cool people in Vienna.

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Mistress takes the train


The sun came out, for the first time in days. Mistress is on her way to Linz, but wants to stay on that train and keep traveling.

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Mistress war im Schwimmbad


Mistress liebt das Stolze und Erhabene des Wiener kommunalen Wohnbaus. Noch schöner: Schwimmbäder. Nun mit dem Geruch von Chlor auf der Haut wieder zuhause, irgendwie überdreht, eigentlich eh müde, aber noch nicht bereit zu schlafen.

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Mistress loves the darker days

Mistress discovers the joy of getting lost in drawing and making designs again. No timer, just playlists as companion. It’s been awhile she hadn’t had this.

Loving the darker days.

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Mistress stays home


Neither Mistress, nor her to do list planned to spend the weekend at home with a cold. / Mistress’ halloween outfit

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Mistress entspannt (und eine erdachte Badewanne)

Mistress erfundene Badewanne

Hätte Mistress eine Badewanne, heute wäre der Tag dafür.

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Herbst, Scherben und ein neuer Haarschnitt

Eine wunderschöne 50er Jahre Kaffeetasse geht kaputt … hmm.

Mistress kämpft gegen die Schwerkraft und verliert.
(Die neuen Haare gibt es hier.)

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Mistress wird nass. / Ferienende.

Mistress ist im Regen radgefahren

Vom #freejosef vegan bake sale mit dem Schönwetter-Fahrrad durch den Regen nach Hause. Mistress sieht nie vorher nach dem Wetterbericht. Morgen: Wieder richtig ins Büro.

Mistress trägt: Pulli Libertine-Libertine (danke We Bandits Super Sale), Rock ModCloth, Schuhe Vagabond

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mistress and a rainy evening

ein Abend mit Regen und Musik laut

Thunder & rain, the window wide open and the music loud. Yesterday was an evening with some of the greatest people.

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mistress wants the music loud

mistress wants loud music and hanging out

While everyone around is pretty busy (oh, she is as well!), she misses hanging out with friends and going to gigs. Especially this last one—music that makes you leave everything behind. Like, now.

PS: Wing chun exam on sat. Excited!

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Mistress has a dreamy sunday start

Mistress back to bed on that sunday morning

Waking up on a sunday morning is just wonderful. And going back to bed to stay in that sleepy, dreamy bubble til noon. Then, after a lazy breakfast, it doesn’t take long to feel exhausted again. It comes when Mistress gets back to work while it is the best sunny day.

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mistress remembers how it was before

Sometimes, she remembers how home and safe & loved she felt.

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mistress is longing for summer

mistress in her swimsuit, longing for summer

Jumping back & forth between graphic and illustration jobs. Paying her rent. Still, today seems too short. Longing for summer!

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mistress spends her day working

mistress working, drawing, drinking coffee

Mistress spent most of the day concentrated, drawing* and working. She didn’t even know where to start, the need-to-do and the want-to-do lists are pretty long. Coffee. Breaks for eating. Social interaction: on the internet (if any). Ok, she had the weekend for that.

* Look on Instagram for the first previews of my work for the Melodica Festival in Vienna!

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Mistress sketching on a friday night

tired but adventurous

Mistress forgets about that finding-a-wintercoat issue. She does the most sensible thing: getting her actual coat fixed and shopping for sandals and a swimsuit. Be prepared for summer! (In general & mood: life’s good. Strange things happen. Tired but adventurous.)


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mistress and her morning habits

morning routines but still grumpy on a monday

Those habits get mistress awake and ready every day. They work (it’s the newspaper for breakfast thing!). But today, she is still grumpy – has been since waking up.

Morning routines*

1. Stand up. Make coffee. Pick up newsletter.
2. Breakfast + reading
3. Shower, get dressed + a little color on my face

* The very first thing is to check my mail/Twitter/FB. One-eyed, still under the covers. Bad habit, I guess)

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mistress is dressed up for sunday (+favorites!)

mistress goes cozy for a sunday

Mistress is perfectly dressed for a sunday home (plus a little work)!

Things that make me immediately smile

put on that favorite music & that moment when the speakers connect and it fills the room

letting the world in via heritage radio, listening to Grace Bonney

the «Tetris Attack» intro song!

finally! I hid in bed with my laptop yesterday (and a gin mule) to get started with «GIRLS» season 3

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mistress fights a hairy monster


The next weeks look like a big hairy monster to mistress. Lovely projects, but loads of deadlines = exciting but a bit overwhelming. Not a lot of laziness allowed.

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Mistress does research

Mistress works, reads, writes, all from her bed

YES. On some days, this really is research. It is a good thing and mistress enjoys it. Things start connecting in her head, making sense.

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mistress wants to stay warm


It is not easy to find the perfect warm winter coat (hmm. not yet. not right*). Mistress feels she would leave the house more easily if she had one. Today, she is even freezing at home. Brrr.

* looks better in the drawing than in real life.

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mistress on a monday


Mistress moves slowly but keeps doing. It is winter. She is all on her own plus her ghosts. And the to-do-list. Today: writing a motivation letter and getting a fresh haircut. ((Uhh. And color! Bye bye blonde, for now))

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mistress moves in circles

mistress sleeping, her phone ringing, workday routine

Das neue Jahr nimmt mit alten Routinen Fahrt auf. Aufstehen, arbeiten, essen, zeitunglesen, schlafen. Heute ist Wochenende, das heißt noch mehr schlafen. Mistress’ Kopf ist voll.

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mistress beginnt ein neues jahr

mistress beginnt das neue Jahr mit Eiscreme im Bett

Ein wenig aufholen und aufräumen mit dem was aus dem alten Jahr übrig ist (Papierkram, schmutzige Wäsche + ein voller Laptop). Und die erste kleine aufkommende Panik des neuen Jahres. Mistress muss was tun! Genau: Gossip Girl sehen und Eiscreme im Bett essen.