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Mistress got stinky shoes


Also, in Warsaw Mistress stepped into dog poop twice.

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Mistress is going to miss a girl


Some days, you need songs like blankets to wrap yourself in. One of Mistress’ friends moves to what feels like the farthest place there is and they won’t see each other before she leaves.

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The magic and sadness of doing things alone


Mistress has always preferred doing things alone than not at all. She has been going to concerts on her own forever. Yesterday a friend left her wondering, saying this sounded sad. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. There is magic and sadness in doing things alone.

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Mistress was working from home


Mistress knows that it’s not true, still – the 3+ years she has been working from home feel like hiding now.

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Mistress has reading goals


One of the things on Mistress’ list this year is to re-read all Harry Potter books. Finished n°1 today and cried a little.

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A happy and a clouded heart


Mistress hasn’t been drawing for ages. She moved. The new home makes a happy heart. Her grandma died and it got clouded again. Now she tries to get back to a pattern.

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Mistress is European / Sunday Diary


Mistress wants to go to a market in the afternoon but needs to get some illustration work done before. The rain outside sets the mood to a calm november sunday. Mistress’ mind is overshadowed by what happened in Paris friday night – and what happens in Europe, like, building (kind of) fences and closing borders. This scares her.

PS: Wondering if the train connection to Munich is still down? Just another thing that happened and that disconnects neighbouring countries. Allies. A Union.

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How to dress: summer vs. autumn


During summer, Mistress loves wearing the same dresses over and over. Right now, it sucks wearing the same sweaters all the time for not freezing.

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Mistress feels stupid


Mistress easily shows her home on the internet: On her blog. The ikea magazine. Recently even the TV was in for a visit*. But she worries about taking someone home. Makes her feel a) lonely and b) totally stupid.

*Coming pretty soon

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Mistress makes priorities / A plan for autumn


Keeping some precious time off to live and wonder and not being overwhelmed.