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Mistress ist wach (Bussi vom Land!)


Mittagsschlaf ist auch nicht mehr das, was es mal war.

1.8.2017, Mistress Diary, No comments

Mistress and the present tense (summer charm)


Mistress hasn’t been in the office that much recently. It’s summer. Adventures and working inbetween. Pushing the sleeping time. Today she wants to go swimming. The city is gleaming from the heat.

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Mistress prokrastiniert


Mistress prokrastiniert eine Stunde für einen Telefonanruf.

22.5.2017, Mistress Diary, No comments

Mistress feels ungrateful


More than being told that she is great and beautiful, Mistress wants to be seen the way she is. (It is flattering though and lovely to hear.)

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Mistress loves the warmer days


Mistress leaves the house without a coat this morning for the first time this year.

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Mistress at home


When Mistress spends her evening home, it often looks like this.

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Mistress kinda likes herself


Favourite clothes and getting things forward and baking a cake and drawing.

25.4.2017, Mistress Diary, No comments

Mistress and a slipping morning


Mistress was good until breakfast. Then everything took too long and her eyeliner smudged the wrong way and when she finally, finally would be ready to leave she noticed she forgot her macbook charger at university yesterday. In another city.

And a big job to solve today. And her birthday coming up. And that itchy feeling in her throat that might means getting a cold (or not). And the lines she wants to draw don’t come out clearly, either.

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Mistress got stinky shoes


Also, in Warsaw Mistress stepped into dog poop twice.

2.2.2017, Mistress Diary, No comments

Mistress is going to miss a girl


Some days, you need songs like blankets to wrap yourself in. One of Mistress’ friends moves to what feels like the farthest place there is and they won’t see each other before she leaves.

1.2.2017, Mistress Diary, No comments

The magic and sadness of doing things alone


Mistress has always preferred doing things alone than not at all. She has been going to concerts on her own forever. Yesterday a friend left her wondering, saying this sounded sad. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. There is magic and sadness in doing things alone.