27.4.2016, Blog

April, one year ago: photos from China

The weather. The lake. We were walking forever to get there, but it was worth it

Biggest surprise. Third wave coffee shop somewhere in Yunnan

One year ago I travelled to China, visit one of my dearest friends who left for Beijing six months before. When I left, I had managed to get all my work things done, but I was quite on the edge: my skin worse than it has ever been before, I was overworked and lacking a perspective. Also, I was in the middle of growing out my two-coloured, short hair. I arrived early in April with an unbelievable feeling of: OMG it’s real, I am in Beijing! And while I still hated how I looked – I still can’t look at the photos of me from that time without pain – I had the best time travelling, discovering, and spending time with two of the sweetest people around.

Now, one full year later, and with my birthday yesterday, memories are so present that i finally went back to the photos and share a few. Makes me want to travel again ♥

Lettering love: handwritten signs in Dali

My very favourite travel buddies. Thank you <3

Local breakfast in Shangri-La.

Trying tea. Love the little ceremony, familiar to me from my wing chun classes. Yes, we do tea breaks, love that

The desert airport in Shangri-La. As close to tibet as you get without going to Tibet. Also: Chinese representative architecture

More of Kunming


Coffee in Kunming. Marketed as greenest city, which is true (apart from the endless suburbs)

A small sandstorm coming up

My feet, my nail polish, my saltwater sandals

Yoghurt in Beijing! Nom nom

Monk reading in a confucian temple

Yes. The chinese wall. We did an awesome hiking tour there