22.3.2017, Blog

A weekend off in Warsaw

Blick über die Weichsel und Praga

I went to Warsaw for the weekend. Hoping for a spring weekend abroad, I got a chill, stormy and rainy city. The Warsaw I discovered had coloured houses in architecture from different decades, looking soft under the grey sky. Sometimes the higher buildings would fade in the clouds.

Blick über die Innenstadt Richtung Kulturpalast

Die Häuser verschwinden in den Wolken

Farben der Häuser in der Altstadt

I had amazing food in more vegan cafes than I believe we have in Vienna. And I did hang out in cafes a lot, staying warm, deep into the last Harry Potter book. I don’t want to rush it but I also can’t wait to finish. Flat whites and hand lettered signs are everywhere, hipsters, too. Warsaw’s special history with neon reklama is still visible throughout the city at night.

Neon ist ein Ding in Warschau. Das ist das Schild vom veganen Sushi-laden Youmiko

Detail von Häuserblöcken

Feminismus-Buch in einem Schaufenster

Die schönsten Türnummern der Welt

Architektur in Warschau

Alte Häuser im Bezirk Praga

Only on the last afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and it felt like the big weight of winter lifted for a moment, leaving the city glowing and changed.

Comic Pilules Polonaises, auf französisch, mit englischer und polnischer Übersetzung

Der Himmel reißt auf