30.12.2014, IllustrationViennaWorks

Hey 2015!



This is the card I sent to friends, my family, and clients before the holidays ♥

I wish each and any of you the best for the coming year. I am spending tonight at home, lost in thoughts, reading, doing laundry, the music loud (again, again!). While big changes don’t usually happen from one day to the other, changing years is always a moment i fear and welcome alike. So i better be prepared. With love, and up for a great 2015,



  • Barbara on 2.1.2015

    If you don’t mind, what’s your process. Do you use something like a brayer to press the paper onto your linoleum? I’ve been working mostly with rubber carving blocks on fabric and pressing the block down by hand makes for inconsistent results, which I like for the most part. I’ve been thinking in linocut people get much more saturated prints by using the high pressure a printing press allows for. Your print looks pretty saturated to me, so I wonder how do you achieve it. Maybe it’s something that’s transferable to textile print.

  • Elvira on 31.12.2014

    Thank you Barbara! Yes, it’s linocut, but without a press – i did some letterpress cards in the past, but this is so much faster and not so messy (for me) :)

  • Barbara on 31.12.2014

    I love it! I’m guessing linocut? Do you print on a press?

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