12.6.2011, Sketchbook

bernhard eder: to disappear doesn’t mean to run away

it’s already been a little while since bernhard eder released this record: at the very beginning of 2011, where the dark and the cold weigh hard on us. i remember bernhard telling me, that this was his “happiest” album so far…that is may true, but it’s still not the summer hits!

i was invited to make the artwork of the CD and (for the first time!) the vinyl edition of “to disappear doesn’t mean to run away”…and we went even further into handmade illustration, than on the precedent covers. i really like the result…it is still not too dark, with alot of white and transparency. and i especially like the vinyl!

it is on this artwork that i discovered, that facetype’s “strangelove next” is a font that really fits with my drawings…i also used it on my calendar 2011.

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