1.4.2014, Sketchbook

Let’s celebrate!

I made it through my first year as an independent business (YAY!). It’s been exciting (oh, and like everything new, sometimes scaring), and I guess now is a good time for some flowers and for some thanks!

1 year of business! Go for flowers…

I want to say BIG thanks to Tina for sharing her knowledge all those years we worked together at her office and for her ongoing support. Tina, you made me grow up as a designer. Susanne, and all of you I keep working with – your confidence means a lot to me!

Even more, as 2013 was not only my first «business year», but also the year a long, romantic relationship ended. I am thankful for a lot of great things we built and had together, though.

At the same time, great opportunities opened up and I worked on more projects that I loved (and never dreamed of) than ever before. So, I want to keep doing this and I am excited for those next months (and years). I feel adventurous.

Thank you for that, thanks for working with me, reading here on the blog, or being one of the wonderful people around, taking me out for a coffee or beer (or ice cream and TV…) and spending good moments beside work.

♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you everybody!

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