21.1.2013, Sketchbook

Donkey girl, blog anniversary and new year reflections

Mistress on a donkey – illustration for the unfinished calendar of 2012

I want to share an illustration from an unfinished project from 2012 with you. I like this catsuit-girl on a donkey way to much to just let it disappear in some backup folders! The new year just started and I already have the feeling that there are so many ideas to be realized, new projects to be started, and old ones, especially from the past year, to be taken care of (documentation, ohhh, well) … but I will get these things sorted out and I am really looking forward to what will come up in 2013, illustration-wise, and otherwise as well.

By now, instead of doing everything I stay at home, in the warmth of my bed, as I got ill by the end of last week. Have to be patient.

There is something else I want to share: yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the mistress journal! I started developing the character before, but an accident quickly turned my occasional drawings into a regular diary.

In the beginning, I published my drawings at jetzt.de (what we would now call a social platform, providing publishing tools to its users), but soon started my own blog! You can have a look at the very first post here.

Though the reason to start my diary was more than unfortunate and not welcome at all, I am pretty proud of what has happened since, and how illustration has become a part not only of my personal life, but also my work. And I’d love to thank you, readers and readerettes!

PS: I want to read you – and this is a blog, after all! So, I will add comments to either the journal and the sketchbook. Let’s see how it works (note: I am still fixing some details!), maybe later I will add comments to other sections of the site, too.


  • mme ulma on 23.1.2013

    wie schön, dass ich endlich kommentieren kann!
    glücklichen blog-geburtstag – dann bin ich wohl vor knapp sieben jahren hier gelandet (bzw. auf der alten blog-adresse und dann mitgesiedelt), um immer wieder gerne vorbeizukommen, zum weidenlassen der augen, zum erquickenlassen des herzes angesichts solcher zeichnungen … so hübsch!
    herzlich °°°u.

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