2.10.2010, Illustration

hotel lentos*****

Impressions from the Hotel Lentos**** in Linz, where the Kunstmuseum Lentos was transformed into a Hotel for a night. With our 40 m long videoprojection (that went all night long), Tina Frank and I created a subtle athmosphere between Stanley Kubricks “The Shining” and Willi Forsts operetta-movie “Im weißen Rößl”, playing with fictional rooms, appearing and disappearing objects and corridors, textures and light. The acoustic interpretation from Andreas Kurz built the soundtrack for the Hotel Lentos*****. More images are on Tina’s brandnew website and on flickr.

Besides participating in the visuals, I spent the night there, it was great fun – everything happened in public, but noneless there was an intimate athmosphere, and I definitely considered my “room” as my private space. Food, drinks, arts, sleep concert with a theremin, breakfast with view on the danube – we had it all!